What it Means to be King James Only

KJV Minute #1

Mark 10:24 in the NIV Makes Salvation Hard

KJV Minute #2

ESV is Perfect for Those Who Deny the Blood

KJV Minute #3

The NKJV Makes Salvation a Process

KJV Minute #4

NLT Corrupts 1 Timothy 3:16 (New Living Translation)

KJV Minute #5

NIV Changes Son of God to Son of Man

KJV Minute #6

NIV Removes the Best Verse on the Trinity

KJV Minute #7

NASB and ESV corrupt 1 Peter 2:2

KJV Minute #8

NKJV makes Salvation Difficult

KJV Minute #9

NIV and NLT have Calvinist Leanings

KJV Minute #10

NIV is not faithful to the Hebrew in Job 1:6

KJV Minute #11

1 Samuel 13:1 in the NIV

KJV Minute #12

NASB Contradicts and Misquotes itself Psalm 8:5

KJV Minute #13

John 6:47 and other soul winning verses

KJV Minute #14

the NKJV says to reject Jesus Christ Titus 3:10

KJV Minute #15

Ridiculous Contradiction in NLT Galatians 3:16 and Genesis 22:17-18

KJV Minute #16

Most Hell References have been Removed from Modern Versions

KJV Minute #17

NIV uses the word rape in Deuteronomy 22:28

KJV Minute #18

NIV calls Joseph the father of Jesus in Luke 2:33

KJV Minute #19

Acts 8:37 Removed from Modern Versions

KJV Minute #20

Modern Versions Attack Christ"s Pre Existence in Micah 5:2

KJV Minute #21

In the 2011 NIV, Jesus is Angry for No Reason Mark 1:41